We are a brand new Conservancy that is in the process of becoming established.

Our precious natural resources

  • The Mooi River
  • The Bill Barnes Crane
  • Oribi Nature Reserve
  • One of the few remaining areas with suitable habitat for the 3 crane species, two of which are listed as Vulnerable and one listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List
  • One of the few remaining areas with suitable habitats for the endangered Oribi Antelope
  • Includes areas of the vulnerable Mooi River Highland Grasslands
  • Multitude of pristine mountain catchment areas

What are we hoping to achieve?

  • Promote the protection of indigenous plants and animals, undisturbed or important biological communities and landscapes of exceptional beauty and foster biodiversity.
  • Promote the need for the protection of streams and rivers within our area, particularly in the riparian zone and wetlands and encourage a catchment management approach and ensure good water quality.
  • Cooperate with authorities in respect of the management of the Conservancy.
  • Collect and raise funds and use such funds for the promotion of the Conservancy’s activities.
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues amongst the community, within the membership and with the surrounding landowners of the Conservancy.
  • Contribute to the appropriate development of the urban and rural environment.

What is our approach?

Conservancies are non-statutory, voluntary organisations and therefore the emphasis will be on working closely with other like-minded individuals and organisations. What can be achieved will be largely dependent on the enthusiasm and energy of those that become involved. In practical terms, there will always need to be development but it is important that it is the right sort of development in the right place.

Working with farmers

Commercial farmers are the custodians of by far the bulk of the land in our area as well as significant employers. We are therefore committed to working with commercial farmers in pursuit of common objectives.

Our precious natural resources

The area of conservancies does not necessarily have to be fixed and can change over time. At this stage however our proposed area is broadly defined by the Mooi River on the North Western side, the N3 to the North East, the road between Nottingham Road and the N3 and the Nottingham Road/Loteni Road.

What will we be doing initially?

  • Recording interesting game and bird activities in the area, via camera traps and other photographs and producing a regular newsletter on this.
  • Assisting with research on relevant flora, fauna and other natural resources.
  • Facilitating invasive alien plant removal work.
  • Assisting with monitoring poaching and other activities that threaten biodiversity.
  • Protection and enhancement of the watercourses and wetlands in our area.
  • Arranging regular talks on matters of conservation interest.
  • Working cooperatively with other conservancies.
  • Supporting the work of the KZN Crane Foundation and other similar organisations.


Are you interested in becoming involved?
We are looking for people who are passionate and willing to care for the environment.